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Melbourne Cricket Ground, international football game between Australia and Greece on 25 May 2006. Wikicommons

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Stocktake of Australian sport Presidents/Chairs 2000-2023 – Updated 12 September 2023

By Greg Blood National Sports Organisation (NSO) Presidents/Chairs these days frequently have to manage crises in their sport. Following on from my recent stocktake of NSO CEO’s, I have drawn up a list of NSO Presidents/Chairs since 2000 to recognise their service to the Australian sport system. The complexity of the role of the modern day…

Why does the Australian Government invest in sport ? One answer is national pride.

By Greg Blood Why does the Australian Government invest in sport? There are many reasons but the Maltidas performances at the home FIFA Women’s World Cup is an example of sport and its impact on nationalism or national pride. I’m currently researching Australian prime ministers and sport and found that most of them understood that…

It’s Time for National Sports Organisations to Invest in Their History – Before It’s Too Late

By Greg Blood National sports organisations (NSOs) need to lift their game in managing their information and other resources that tell the story of their sport and athletes in Australia.  In recent years, NSOs have established virtual halls of fame and promoted significant historical events to recognise their development in Australia. These initiatives help to…

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