Panoramic image of the Melbourne Cricket Ground during a friendly international football game between Australia and Greece on 25 May 2006. Wikicommons

Sport and Federal Politics – Importance of Relationship Building by National Sports Organisations

By Greg Blood With a new Federal Parliament under way, it is important that national sports organisations educate and lobby existing and new Parliamentarians regarding their sport and its needs. It is not enough to just work with the Federal Government’s primary sport agency – Australian Sports Commission. The 47th Federal Parliament commenced on 26 […]

Who would be an Australian sport administrator today?

By Greg Blood Who would be a sport administrator – paid or volunteer these days?  Sport administration has never been so complex and demanding. Recently I participated in a future of sport in Australia research project and my main thesis was that it may be difficult to attract and retain qualified and experienced sports administrators […]

Sport and the 2022 Australian Federal Election

By Greg Blood Who said sport and politics don’t or should not mix? In many ways, sport and politics has become more intertwined in recent years. This has occurred through linking political/social issues such as same sex marriage, racism and climate change, “sport-barreling” and more recently transgender issues in sport. In 2021, Prime Minister Morrison […]

Athlete Entry Fees And The Creation Of The Oceania Paralympic Committee – Two Different But Lasting Dividends Of The Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games

By Greg Hartung AO History of Australian Sports Policy Series: Part 27 The purpose of this chapter is to consider two issues which made an important imprint on the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games legacy.  The first concerns the vexed question of entry fees applied to teams to enter the Games; the second relates to the […]

The Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games Was Rocket Fuel For Athletes With A Disability…The Spectacular Success of Sydney Became a Turning Point for the Paralympic Movement

By Greg Hartung AO History of Australian Sport Policy Series: Part 26 Transformation The Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games has been described as the “benchmark” Games for the Paralympic Movement.  This is true in many respects, but not all.  Coming off a low base from the Atlanta Games four years earlier, the Sydney Games were undoubtedly […]

Effective Sporting Organisations: Nine Pillars , 138 Critical Success Factors using the SPLISS Model

By Jim Ferguson The “Sports Policy factors Leading to International Sporting Success” (SPLISS) model identified nine pillars or essential factors which it found fundamental to a nation’s elite sporting success in international competition. It did not, however, consider the effectiveness of those domestic sporting organisations on which the success of a national sports system depends. […]

The Fight To Be Heard! How Athletes With A Disability Made Their Way In Australian Sport…defeat was never an option for our pioneers

History of Australian Sport Policy series: Part 25 By Greg Hartung AO Partners in the long campaign The pioneers who advanced the interests of people with disabilities in sport during the 1970s and early 1980s were the members of the government-appointed National Committee on Sport and Recreation for the Disabled (NCSRD) and the non-government Australian […]

Support For Athletes With A Disability: From The Ground Up …The Years Of Struggle To Be Taken Seriously

History of Australian Sport Policy Series:  Part 24 By Greg Hartung AO Only one way to go Assistance for athletes with a disability has regularly featured in reports and government policy discussions.  Whether this has always translated into positive outcomes is another matter altogether.  This part of the sporting world was never as administratively robust […]

Paralympians Join the Mainstream – Australian Paralympic Committee Brings in Reform Across Sport

History of Australian Sport Policy Series:  Part 23 By Greg Hartung AO “Mainstreaming” was a fundamental and necessary policy reform on the long journey to win durable outcomes for athletes with a disability and the Paralympic movement.  Designed and promoted by the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) in the period before and after the Sydney 2000 […]

Crusade to Attract Non-Government Cash to the Aid of Sport – and High Hopes for the Australian Sports Foundation

The Foundation was established as an essential part of the Australian Sports Commission History of Australian Sport Policy Series:  Part 22 By Greg Hartung AO Australian Sports Aid Foundation: the origin The Parliamentary enquiry into sport funding, chaired by Labor’s Leo McLeay, threatened to turn the case against the introduction of a Sports Foundation promised […]


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