Contributing authors as of October 2021.

Greg Blood as extensive experience as a sport librarian and researcher. He was employed as a librarian at Australian Institute of Sport / Australian Sports Commission 1983 to 2011. His interest is in the history and development of sport policy in Australia. Since 2017, he has been Publications Officer, Australian Society of Sport History. Articles by Greg Blood.

Jim Ferguson was the Executive Director of the Australian Sports Commission from 1990 to 2001. He has been a board member of Australian Rugby Union and Boxing Australia and had a close involvement with many other sporting associations in Australia and overseas. In 2007, he wrote ‘More Than Sunshine & Vegemite : Success the Australian Way (Sydney, Halstead Press). Articles by Jim Ferguson.

Greg Hartung AO was a sport & political journalist, inaugural CEO Australian Sports Commission (1983-1988), President of the Confederation of Australian Sport (1989-1995), Australian Sports Commission Commissioner (1991-1996, 2006-2010 including Chair 2008-2010), President of the Australian Paralympic Committee (1997-2013) and Vice President of the International Paralympic Committee (2009-2013), Adjunct Professor at University of Canberra (2014-). History of Australian Sport Policy Series articles by Greg Hartung.

Ron Harvey CVO AM has extensive experience in sport administration from a government and national sport organisation perspective. He was the 3rd Australian Institute of Sport Director (1987-1989) and basketball involvement includes National Basketball League Chair (1983-1987) and Basketball Australia President (1982-1096). He was a member of the Australian Olympic Committee’s board (1993-2013) and was vice president (2001 to 2013) and member of the Football Federation of Australia board (2004-2007). Articles by Ron Harvey.

Lawrie Woodman is a physical educator and coach developer who worked as a sport professional for almost forty years, including at the Australian Coaching Council, the Australian Sports Commission, the AIS, Athletics Australia and the Australian Football League, and has observed coaching and coach development up close at all levels during that time. Articles by Lawrie Woodman

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