Australian Sport Reflections

Melbourne Cricket Ground, international football game between Australia and Greece on 25 May 2006. Wikicommons

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It’s Time for Participation to Receive its Fair Share of the Sports Funding Pie

Greg Blood The cost-of-living crisis in Australia has the likelihood of decreasing participation in sport and fitness activities. This follows on from the impact of COVID on sport participation. Traditionally Federal Government funding has been directed more heavily towards high performance i.e., success of Australian athletes and teams on the international sporting arena.  Is it…

Australian Sports Commission Historical Budget Information

By Greg Blood The Australian Government’s funding to sport since 1985/86 has primarily been through allocations to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). This compilation will assist those interested the Australian Government’s investment in sport. The Australian Government also allocates funding to Sport Integrity Australia and the Office of Sport located in the Federal Dept responsible…

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