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Melbourne Cricket Ground, international football game between Australia and Greece on 25 May 2006. Wikicommons

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My career in sport information and sport history: reflecting on the AIS and ASC’s long-time support for the provision of access to sport knowledge to the Australian sport sector.

Greg Blood My induction into the University of Canberra Sport Walk of Fame has made me reflect on the long-time support of the Australian Institute of Sport and Australian Sports Commission to sport information in Australia. Like many children growing up in Australia, I developed an early interest in sport and tried many sports before […]

Vale Bob Ellicott AC KC – Fraser Government Minister Responsible for Establishing the Australian Institute of Sport

By Greg Blood Prime Minister Malcom Fraser in late 1978 transferred the sport function to the Dept of Home Affairs under Minister Bob Ellicott. Fraser told Ellicott to “do something about sport” after Australia’s poor performances at the 1976 Olympics and 1978 Commonwealth Games. Greg Hartung in reviewing Ellicott’s period as minister stated he “left […]

History of Elite Australian Coaches Working Overseas

By Greg Blood After the 2000 Olympics and Paralympics, there was some anxiety in the Australian sport system concerning the brain drain of elite Australian coaches. In 2006, it was reported that the AIS would spend “almost $5 million over the next four years to fend off international poachers intent on cherry-picking Australia’s best coaches”. […]

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