Australian Officials at Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics: Pinnacle of Their Careers

By Greg Blood

Updated – 12 August 2021

Many of us know about the athletes and in some cases the coaches at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics but little is known about the Australian officials selected. Listed are Australian officials who in many cases the Olympics and Paralympics is the pinnacle of their officiating career.

These officials are selected by their relevant international sports federations not the Australian Olympic Committee or the International Olympic Committee.

The promotion of this achievement is very important as it is a reminder for those starting officiating journey whether is it an umpire/referee, judge or jury member that participation at the Olympics, Paralympics or significant international events is achievable.

For officials to be selected at the Olympics or Paralympics it would have involved many hours of education, training sessions and numerous competitions in Australia and overseas.

This list was compiled from researching official Olympics, international and national sports federations sites. It most likely it will not be complete but can be updated by contacting me.

n/a – indicated unknown officials or no officials


  • Alison  Hagaman – Judge Paralympics

Artistic Swimming

  • Maryna Khold – Technical Official Olympics


  • Zoe Eastwood Bryson  – Race Walking Judge Olympics
  • Janet Nixon – International Photo Finish Judge Olympics
  • Helen Roberts  – Jury of Appeal Olympics
  • Brian Roe  – Start Referee Olympics
  • Caroline Jackman – International Technical Official/Referee Paralympics


  • Kelly Hoare – Umpire Olympics
  • Shevaun Moody – Line Judge Olympics
  • Richard Wong – Line Judge Olympics
  • Ravi Nandan – Line Judge Paralympics
  • Karen Arnold – Line Judge Paralympics
  • Joshua Ho – Line Judge Paralympics


  • Scott Beker – Referee Olympics
  • James Boyer – Referee Olympics
  • Vanessa Devlin – Referee 3 x 3 Olympics
  • Deanne Butler – Jury Member Olympics
  • Patrick Hunt – Jury Member Olympics
  • Shahrad Shafaghi – video operator/technical assistant Olympics
  • Don Perriman – Technical Delegate Paralympics
  • Blaine Krapljanov  – Referee Paralympics
  • Helen Rosenberg  – Referee Paralympics
  • Matt Wells  – Referee supervisor Paralympics

Beach Volleyball


  • David Nagy – Technical Official Olympics
  • Jennie Maloney – Director Scoring Olympics
  • Trent Thomas – Umpire Olympics


  • Wayne Rose Technical Delegate Olympics
  • Max Sulejmani – Referee & Judge Olympics
  • Catrl Ruhen – Referee & Judge Olympics


  • Laura White – Deputy Chief Judge Paralympics


  • Tracey Vince –  President of the commissaire panel number 3 BMX Olympics
  • Luke Madill – Technical delegate for the UCI  Olympics
  • Louise Jones – Member of the Commissaire’s panel for the Road time trial Olympics.
  • Karen O’Callaghan – secretary of the panel for cycling at the Paralympic games.



  • Sue Cunningham – Judge & Ground Jury Dressage Paralympics

Fencing – n/a



  • Warrick Jackes- Referee Paralympics

Golf – n/a


  • Paul Szyjko – Men’s Artistic Olympics
  • Darren Gillis – Judge Trampoline Olympics
  • Trisha Hade – Judge Women’s Artistic Olympics

Handball – n/a



Karate – n/a

Modern pentathlon – n/a


  • Greg Smith – Jury Olympics

Rugby Sevens

  • Amy Perrett – Referee including Bronze Medal match Olympics
  • Damon Murphy – Referee including Gold Medal match Olympics
  • Jordan Way – Referee Olympics
  • Madeline Putz – Referee Olympics
  • Tyler Miller – Referee Olympics


  • Hugh Leicester – WS Course Representative Olympics
  • David Brookes – Race Management Team Olympics
  • Rosemary Collins – Int Jury Olympics
  • Andre Blasse – Technical Committee (Measurement) Olympics
  • Barry Johnson – Technical Committee (Measurement) Olympics
  • David Tillett – Event Disciplinary Investigating Officer (EDIO) Olympics

Shooting – n/a

Sitting Volleyball

  • Weiping Tu – Jury Paralympics
  • Sport climbing – n/a


    • Renton Millar – Judge Park Olympics


    • Kyira Cox – Umpire including  Gold Medal Plate Umpire game Olympics


    • Glen Elliot – Head Judge Olympics
    • Benjamin Lowe – Judge Olympics


    • Jacqueline McNamara – Technical Official Swimming Olympics
    • Ryan Arblaster – Technical Official Swimming Olympics
    • Lori Chaplin – Technical Official Marathon swimming Olympics

    Table Tennis

    • Graham Ireland – Jury Chair Olympics
    • Stephen Gillespie – Deputy Referee Paralympics
    • Fanny Ho – Umpire Paralympics


    • Jenny Crutchett -Referee –  Paralympics

    Tennis  n/a


    • Frank Stapleton – Technical Official Olympics
    • Lyndell Murray – Technical Official Paralympics

    Water Polo

    Weightlifting – n/a

    Wheelchair Rugby

    • Michelle Nicholas – Assistant Technical DelegateParalympics
    • Liam Costello – Referee Paralympics

    Wrestling – n/a

    This list will be updated when additional officials are known.

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